: : Admission Rules : :

This college was established by Sendhwa Welfare and Education Council/ Society in 2013 with the prime objective of providing effective & efficient nursing education.

we are please to say that whole family ( ladies and gents ) of the above Sansthapak is doing well for the extension of the education in the Samaj as per need of society.

: : Genaral Rules & Regulation : :

1. A candidate must apply in her/his own handwriting for enrolment the Training.
2. A candidate on being admitted in the Institution for course should sign on the declaration from provided for the purpose on the rules and regulations which is kept with the Principal.
3. The candidate will not be admitted to the course, unless She/ He is found physically fit by the member of the Medical Staff appointed by the head of Institution.
4. Student Nurses will be under the supervision and guardianship of the Principal throughout the period of their course. While on duty, they will be under the direction of the ward Sister or Staff-
Nurses in charge of the ward.
5. When off duty, student nurses are not allowed to enter the hospital wards without previous permission from the Principal/Hostel authorities.
6. In the case of illness, the student nurse must report immediately to the Principal/Warden.
7. A student nurse is not allowed to receive gift or gratuity of any sort at any time from the patients of the hospital or their relatives.
8. A student nurse shall not be granted any leave of absence and this would impede her/his training. In her/his own interest she/he must refrain from asking for the same.
9. While in training the conduct of the student nurse is expected to be strictly ethical. She/he is expected to observe the written and unwritten rules of the institution, and take a healthy view in her/his studies and work and discharge her/his duties cautiously so as to merit a place in the health team of the nation.
10. No certificate on any account will be given before competition of the prescribed period of training.
11. Student Nurse not reporting for duty or refusing to do night duty or whose work or; conduct is not satisfactory will be liable to punishment even dismissal.
12. Student on admission should write their full name, permanent address and the name and address of; a person who will be communicated in case of emergency.
13. All student on admission should write their full name, permanent address and the name and address of a person will be communicated in case of emergency.
14. On the day of re-opening of the college the student should be ready to start work if for any reason student comes late, she/he must see the principal alongwith an application requesting for permission to attend the class/clinicals.
15. Student can take leave of absence from classes only with the prior permission of the Principal.
16. Misbehaviour with any staff member of the college will result in being debarred from the exam or expelled from the institution.















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