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Welcome to Sardar Patel School of Nursing (Sendhwa), In the present scenario, there has been an immense educational advancement in the educational world.To raise the health awareness and care by Nursing systems of medicines we initiated plans to establish an Sardar Patel School of Nursing in Sendhwa.

I want to assure you that, our Nursing will be excellent Nurs with relevant knowledge, skills and commitment to fulfill their responsibilities towards the patients and society. They will contribute significantly towards the researches and advancement of medical therapies and medical science in India and World.

By the bless of Almighly God, and with the blessing of our sacred buzurgs (wali-e-kamis) we have established Sendhwa Institute of Nursing to serve the humanity. We are trying to promote the health awareness amongst the poor and backwards of society so that they may easily afford their treatments from the various diseases they are suffering from adding professional medical trainings. We have been adhering to our mission and vision statements during the course of developing and establishing our institution as one of the premier medical colleges of India. As we are well aware and acquainted to the dynamic needs of society. Keeping in view, we are imparting education and training our students even beyond the prescribed routine syllabus to form them not only as good Doctors but also as very good human being. We will be flexible and adjusting with the changes to take place at times in the field of medical science as it is advancing day by day. 


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